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Aged Care


Did you know that the average cost of aged care facilities in Australia is upwards of $40,000 per annum? This can increase to over $100,000 p.a. Whether you are early planning and considering home care or how an ACAS works, through to urgent access to a facility or the 2 year anniversary of entry affecting the Aged Pension – Foundation Financial would love to help you and your family transition through this period in the best financial manner possible.

There is a lot to think about when considering aged care including budget, ongoing cost management, eligibility and the level of care required. At Foundation Financial Advice we can help our clients negotiate the transition into Aged Care with dignity and in a way that minimizes financial stress, as well as allowing families to make an informed decision on aged care options. Check our the below video and make an appointment to find out all of the ways Foundation Financial can help.

We aim to assist you with your with organization of finances and cash flow, as well as looking at ways to protect and grow your family’s financial strength as aging parents move into care by forecasting and tracking their investments.

Things to consider may include superannuation, pensions, existing assets and liabilities, banking, investments as well as Centrelink benefits which you may be eligible to receive. Not to mention Estate Planning and simplification. Once your true financial position has been established, we will help determine what your aged care options are and help to explain them to you in the most clear and logical way. Finding you the best fit for your new aged care journey.

​Foundation Financial Advice can provide you and your family with:

  • Specialist Aged Care Advice
  • RAD or RAC / DAP or DAC Optimization
  • Help selecting facilities for specific requirements and tailored independent reports
  • Catered Financial Planning Advice
  • Strategies to retain the home Strategies to optimize Centrelink when the home os assessable or sold
  • Investment Tax, Super Portfolio Management
  • ​The Aged Care journey can be daunting but we are here to make the process as straight forward as possible and ensuring the best outcomes for you and your family – have peace of mind that you are receiving the best quality professional advice with a unique aged care plan tailored to you.

Foundation Financial are committed to heping clients and their families through the Aged Care journey in the best financial manner possible. .

​At Foundation Financial Advice we aim to provide the highest level of care and financial guidance throughout your families Aged Care journey – contact us now for a consultation or obligation free chat.


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