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We have successful experience in advising clients to add significant value to their wealth across all types of Superannuation and Retirement Planning.

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Professional Financial Advice In Your Best Interests

Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne, Foundation Financial Advice is an FPA Professional Practice which helps clients like you maximize their financial position, ensure no opportunities are missed and provide an obtainable pathway to wealth. We help you achieve your goals on a fee for advice basis, so you can focus on enjoying life and not worrying about financial problems.

Foundation Financial Advice was established by Peter Tribolet, a Master’s degree qualified CFP® Practitioner with over 15 years of industry experience. Peter is also an SMSF Specialist Advisor, Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser and Accredited Aged Care Professional™.

We Create Solutions That Are All About You

We understand we will only succeed if our clients succeed, our business is customer satisfaction through financial enhancement. We have successfully helped clients achieve their goals through the following services.

Retirement Strategies

Personalised advice and strategies for either a smooth transition to retirement or maximising your position to retire in style like you deserve. We look after your financial affairs so you can enjoy life and focus on the things you love to do. We help you and harmonise your position for the optimum balance of maximising Centrelink, minimising or elimination of Tax and both Asset protection and growth.

SMSF Advice

Helping tailor investment strategies, assisting in LRBA (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements) for Property to be structured in super both Commercial and Residential. Family intergenerational wealth planning and complex requirements. Combination SMSF Private risk and Industry fund advice. From establishment to winding up.

Wealth Creation Strategies

We design a plan that incorporates a diversified range of strategies which collectively can provide you with the necessary assets to build and protect real wealth. Your circumstances will determine the plan or suite of different assets (shares and property inside and outside super) that is required for you to reach your goals.

Defined benefit Expert Advice

One of the few Advice firms, objective of the provider, which will advise you how to get the maximum benefit possible out of these formula driven funds and integrate the benefits into your holistic financial position and plan outlining optimization and saturation points in the formula.

Debt Recycling & Estate Planning

Offer alternatives and advice on ways to structure your debt, identify ‘good & bad’ debt & maximize the use of equity in your property assets to maximize tax reduction and asset growth, whist protecting cashflow.

Aged Care & Estate Planning

Ensuring you or your loved ones enter the frailty years in the most informed way with CHOICE, it is also imperative to plan for the disturbation of Estate assets to reduce them being eroded by Tax or fees for the family. Strategies to both retain the family home and protect, distribute and invest the proceeds.

Budget Planning

Assist you to determine and quantify your living expenses budget that you are comfortable with and measure this regularly. This is then protected and surplus is driven to your investments, allowing you to reach and exceed your goals efficiently.

Loan Structuring & Debt Advice

Reduce your interest expense, establish an offset and linked card strategy to utilize deferring expenses while offsetting interest. Complex structures for property portfolios, SMSF or Business Loans.

Insurance and Risk Anylisis

Research all approved and existing insurance policies for specific suitability, tax effectiveness and cost efficiency to match your personal situation and protect your and your family’s financial position.

Superannuation Advisory Services

Pre & post retirement strategies to ensure you and your family’s financial security in retirement. Intergenerational planning.

Business Insurance

Ensure you have the right amount of protection so that your business will continue in the event of accident, illness or premature passing of a partner or key staff member.

Complete Financial & Investment Check-up

Common sense, down to earth, honest, confidential and professional financial planning advice in your best interests!

Unique Features

Foundation Financial Advice works in YOUR best interests, not for the bank or super fund

Our Mission

Whether it be a comprehensive financial plan or scaled consultation, Foundation Financial Advice can assist in guiding your path. Please view our list of services to find out more about how we can help you on your journey


Our Vision

Not being owned by a bank, super fund or financial product provider means Foundation Financial Advice provides all of our clients expert Financial Advice in YOUR best interests to enhance your financial position

How It Works

Foundation Financial Advice’s 6 Step financial planning process

At Foundation Financial Advice we follow The Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Internationally proven 6 Step Financial Planning Framework. A globally successful approach adopted by Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) Practitioners worldwide. As we are transparent we want you to know exactly how our client experience works at Foundation Financial Advice, end to end.

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How We Help You

We have successfully helped clients achieve their goals through the following services.

Defined Benefits

Foundation Financial Advice staff have extensive experience in demystifying Defined Benefit superannuation, helping clients in advising…

Personal Insurance

The most effective Risk Protection to financially protect you, your family and your Wealth is through Insurance. Insurance is essential for anyone who has a family…

Debt Recycling

What is Good Debt versus Bad debt? Often we are raised from a young age to consider all debts as bad. This could well be true if you use debt to purchase …

Aged Care

Did you know that the average cost of aged care facilities in Australia is upwards of $40,000 per annum? This can increase to over $100,000 p.a…


At Foundation Financial Advice we are agnostic towards whether SMSF, Industry Funds or Private Professionally Managed funds are utilized…

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